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Front End Developer


Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

General Work experience
2+ years of experience in some of the following industry / application verticals:

Chat-Box / Visitor Engagement
Customer services and call-center systems
Admin Dashboard
Banking or mobile money account management
Rental or fleet management
Familiarity: DevOps processes and GitHub operations
Familiarity: mainstream cloud computing platform: AWS, Microsoft Azure


Education: Undergraduate degree or above: computer software, communication network, microelectronics, applied mathematics or similar majors.

Specific Technology and Development ExperienceWe are seeking JavaScript web programming talents, specifically:

React,js based UI/UXRESTful API, GraphQL query languagee-Commerce: e.g. ShopifySocial media interface APIInteraction with Backend Stacks: Node.JS, Express, Typescript ORM Database technology: MongoDB, PostgreSQLChatGPT and AI based Toolchain.

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